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Albums and Wall Art

Why it matters.

Memories deserve more than a space on our hard drives or a post lost on social media. They belong in our homes to be enjoyed for a lifetime. I take pride in offering some of the best products in El Paso. My collection of archival quality, finely crafted wall art is the top of the line and is ordered directly from Italy. With samples of every option, you can examine and compare every piece individually to decide which style is best for you and your home.

Metal Print

Sleek surface, with colors infused by sublimation. An elegant and modern choice. This metal print is on a special mount, that makes it float off your wall. Printed on aluminum by ChromaLuxe, and protected by an anti-scratch coating, your metal print is sure to last generations.

Glossy and matte options available

Acrylic Pro

A vibrant stunner of a choice. This premium option is great if you want to highlight the color in your image. With an ultra clear 1/8th inch thick acrylic sheet over the print, your wall art will have a 3D effect. It's mounted on a wood block with customizable finishes. With a guaranteed 100 year longevity, you will enjoy this piece for the rest of you life. Glossy and matte options available.

Metal Pro

A metal print mounted on a monoblock wood panel. With 3D printed hangers built into the wood block the metal pro sits flesh with with the wall so you won't have to worry about your wall art leaning. The monoblock can be further customized with various materials and over 25 colors. Glossy and matte options available.

Canvas Pro

A quality cotton canvas, with a rustic fine finish. Printed with archival certified 12 color HD printing to preserve even the smallest details in your image. The print is sealed with an anti-reflective coat, which acts as a layer of protection for easy cleaning. Mounted on a separate planar element, this canvas will not stretch over time like other options on the market. Mounted on a wood block with customizable finishes. 

The Album

In a digital age, we forget how beautiful it is to have a tangible album in our home. Not only will your album be a conversation starter for friends and family, but it will create memorable moments of its own as you flip through its pages and re-live your special day. I pride myself in offering premium quality albums, handcrafted in Italy, with every wedding collection and major event. Your album will undoubtedly have a wow factor. Best of all, I can fully customize your album to fit your event, truly making it one of a kind. For example, I created this 8x12 album to match an Alice-in-Wonderland themed quinceañera, hence the red cover and maple box.


What can you expect? 

  • Genuine Leather or Vegan Linen Cover Options

  • Add-on Customizable Engravings

  • HD Lustre Print on Thick Pages

  • Option to choose your favorite colors and photos, and peace of mind that I will take care of the rest! 

  • 100% satisfaction with the design before printing 

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