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What we will cover

  • Master the Art of Wedding Photography: We'll reveal why being a fantastic photographer doesn't automatically make you a standout wedding photographer. It's a whole different world, and we're here to guide you through it!

  • Unearth the Traits of Top-Notch Wedding Photographers: It's not just about the camera – we’ll discuss professional traits that when executed will have your calendar booked solid. We'll show you how to become the go-to creative for your ideal couple.

  • Craft an Unforgettable Client Experience: Learn the secrets to creating an exceptional client journey, the bedrock to a successful wedding photography business.

  • Nail Initial Consultations with a Proven Script: Say goodbye to awkward client meetings! We'll provide you with a script to create naturally progressing consultations that'll leave your clients excited to work with you.

  • Becoming an invaluable second shooter/associate shooter: We will all be or require a second shooter at some point, how can you make your association more than a contractual obligation?

  • Transform Your Passion into Profits: Discover the path to generating five-figure months while doing something you love. Yes, you read that right – we're here to help you turn your passion into a profitable venture by discussing the entire workflow from initial consultation to final gallery delivery.

  • Interactive Q&A with Seasoned Pros: Ever had burning questions about the wedding photography world? Our panel of professional wedding photographers is here to answer them all. No gatekeeping here. Get personalised advice and insights to fast-track your success.

PLUS: A beautiful styled shoot where you will have the opportunity to direct the couple and capture photos or video for your portfolio.


2024 is predicted to be a high booking year for weddings, and what better way to start it than by investing in an immersive educational course focused on providing you with real life tools to grow your business and nail client experience. You do not need to be a full-time wedding photographer/videographer to participate, just have the desire to evolve as a creative in a fun and supportive way.

Your instructors

Maya Isabella Photography

Maya formally started shooting weddings in 2015 in Milwaukee. A lover of romance, Maya strives to make her sessions comfortable and warm. A hybrid shooter of both directed and candid shots, she values capturing moments that will tell a story while adding a touch of creativity. Deciding to pursue photography full-time in 2021, after a move to the borderland, Maya went from having zero weddings to booking 28+ weddings a year by 2023. With a focus on personal development, Maya will share the path to her growth, as well as the biggest hurdles she's faced from plunging into full-time wedding photography.

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Stephane Lemaire Photography

Stephane began his career in wedding photography in 2004 and has since captured hundreds of weddings throughout Texas and abroad. With an eye for elegance, Stephane strives to capture desire and love in an artful and comfortable way. He is a true master in his craft, and uses every tool available to him to create stunning images for his couples. Having worked with multiple associates, Stephane will share tips on how to become an invaluable second shooter, as well as share troves of knowledge that only come from years of working in this industry. 

Memories by Lindsay

Lindsay captures the true essence of what it means to be a documentary-style wedding photographer. She values real moments and giving her couple's space to express their real emotions. Lindsay's work has been published in numerous magazines, including I Do Destination, Iconic Bride, and Rock n' Roll Bride, her unique approach leading to multiple destination wedding opportunities every year. As an army wife, Lindsay has restarted her business numerous times in several cities. She knows what it's like to start again, and will share how focusing on your client experience is the bedrock in creating a strong wedding photography business.

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The Styled Shoot

Enhance your portfolio, direct your shots, learn from other professionals.

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The Brewhouse Studio



Flora + Abraham

Models (Real Couple)

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Ella Blu




Creative Director

The Inspo


Our Features


Who is this for?

This mastermind is designed for wedding creatives looking to enhance their skills. It focuses more on becoming a wedding photography business owner than on photography techniques. However, you'll have the opportunity to observe various photography approaches during the styled shoot led by fellow creatives. You're also welcome to ask any questions regarding photography approach during the open Q&A.

I'm a videographer, is it worth it for me?

Although we are mainly photographers, there is a lot of overlap between the two when it comes to business structure and client experience. Photographers often need to refer videographers, making it an excellent time to network. During the styled shoot, videographers will be paired to facilitate mutual learning and capture videography-specific shots.

What do I need to take?

I already work full-time, and have a full calendar. What's in it for me?

Bring your camera, wear comfortable clothes, bring something to take notes on, and come with enthusiasm to learn and network. This is a one-time opportunity—we likely won't organize another event like this, so we're laying everything out on the table.

First of all, congratulations! We recognize the dedication it takes to reach this milestone and applaud your hard work. The masterclass will offer valuable insights and we guarantee you'll take something from it; you might even have invaluable experiences to share with fellow attendees. It's a rare occasion for wedding creatives to come together. You'll have the opportunity to network and find associate shooters for future weddings.

Secure your spot now!

February 18, 2024

Limited to 15 spots ONLY (4 spots left)

$350 (discounted price of $250 if purchased before February 16, 2024)

You will be directed to purchase your spot through square.  Spot is not secure until purchase is complete. Please contact directly if you have any questions. 
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